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The Corporation has been in the industry since 1997
STADS was created to provide its customers the Total Business Solutions.  In the corporate environment, organizations are bombarded with numerous suppliers, providing everything an organization requires.  A corporation’s problem is therefore not in finding what they need, but finding the best alternative of what they need. 

STADS strives to provide a single solution to its customers, specifically in the following aspects:
Supports them in determining what their requirements are
Provide a single entry into the market place to retrieve what they require and need 
Providing the opportunity to select the best alternative in the market place
Provide training and team development activities for the development of their customer’s personnel

In South Africa, there is an almost unlimited market for computer products and training. Most corporate entities have come to realize the value of up-to-date technology and what it can mean in terms of financial growth, better productivity and control in the workplace.  STADS strives to specifically meet these demands of government departments, large to medium corporate customers and to a lesser extent to individuals.

The Corporation’s philosophy is to distinguish itself from other suppliers by supplying a combination of the highest quality personal ,training, after sales service on all hardware, software and consumables and at the best prices possible.

The corporation continuously strives to Outperform Competitors through extraordinary service, highly competitive prices, effective administration and personal advice training and support.

Corporate organizations form the bulk of the customer base of STADS.  A few of these include: LIW a division of Denel (Pty) Ltd, SANDF, CMI, and various Government departments.
E-mail: Righardt@stads.co.za



“Provide the Total Business Solution”


The STADS mission is to provide the Total Business Solution and add value to the Business of all Business Partners through providing the following:

  • A network to give the total solution
  • The total IT solution
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Analysis
  • Team development building exercises
  • Training

STADS will provide quality products at competitive prices, while maintaining a strong financial basis through:

  • Low overhead costs
  • Building strong relationships with Business Partners
  • Personnel empowerment

STADS’ will achieve all of this by following a pro-active approach in:

  • Keeping up to date with new technology
  • Putting service excellence into action
  • Knowing what the customer wants, before the customer does
  • Analyzing the needs of the customer


STADS will focus on getting Corporate Businesses more involved in the value added chain of the Company, while empowering personnel to be all they can be.


Target Market

The company’s present focus is to expand its corporate customer base via its senior management. Business has developed strictly on word-of-mouth recommendations, with no formal marketing. The company is focusing on marketing the business extensively to corporate customers.

The company’s customer profile can be divided into three categories:

  • Corporate and Large Businesses, Government and Semi-Government Institutions
  • Small to medium companies and closed corporations
  • Individuals employed by the above institutions (end-users)


The Company’s major challenge is to render a complete service to the customer, by networking from consumables to network support training and Security – The Total Solution

Providing the right product at the right price, at the right place at the right time.  The Company will be able to have continuous growth of its new customer base.

The Company will also make use of the opportunities to provide additional products or services.  All products are purchased from the official South African distributors.  Warrantees are therefore carried by the manufacturers / distributors which result in minimum turnover time of faulty products or swop outs.  On site warrantees are available in addition to standard warranty time. 

Tenders are also provided with a maximum turnaround time of 48 hours. Corporate customers are encouraged to place bulk orders on a monthly basis to ensure more buying power with suppliers, which means direct savings to the customer. 

STADS markets a wide variety of hardware, software, consumables, networking and Personal development products.  Branded and unbranded names are supplied according to the specified requirement of the customer.

Guards and Security Services

STADS Provides the best guarding service by using the best there is in the area and training them to become better.

STADS security management systems ensure the client gets the best value for his money.

Hardware Solution

Hewlett Packard, Compaq, IBM, Mecer, Philips, 3Com, Cisco, Epson, Seagate, Western Digital, Microsoft, Samsung, Teac, Toshiba, Diamond, Acer, Intel, Samsung, Tatung, Chicony, Genius, Creative Labs, Cannon, onguard Selftrack SAGEM etc.

Software Solutions

Microsoft, Corel, Roxio, Veritas, Crystal Reports, Symantec, Adobe, Macromedia, Borland, etc.


STADS markets a wide variety of consumables that includes Branded and unbranded products.

Hewlett Packard, IBM/Lexmark, Verbatim, Epson, Cannon, Tektronix, Panasonic, Brother, Performa, Mannesman Tally, Oki, Fujitsu, Cicho, Jetmaster, Olivetti, Printing Media, Ricoh/Nashua, Seikosha, etc.


The Company established solid relationships with reliable, quality conscious suppliers of components and equipment.

The corporation is in a favorable cash flow position.  It has also built a solid relationship with suppliers in the industry.  This has enabled the corporation to negotiate better purchase prices and credit terms which are given through to customers.

Pricing and Profitability

STADS distributes an updated price list during the first week of each month or it is also available on Request at Righardt@stads.co.za. 

Prices are given in component and ready built form.  These prices are negotiable depending on quantities ordered, and the volatile nature of component prices.



Management & Personnel

The Managing Member is Righardt Kirsten who has been actively involved in computer technology since 1996.  He held a position in the network support division of a large corporation from where he ventured to form his own company, Stads

Individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in the market fill the management positions of STADS. 

STADS employs well-qualified technical personnel responsible for managing all technical support on hardware and software as well as networks.  Technical personnel are qualified and have done training on specialized courses. 

Administrative Systems

The corporation is running a complete computerized general ledger, debtors, creditors and inventory system for maximum productivity and traceability. 



During 2002 the shareholders of STADS, Decided To Start a Black empowerment Project By Providing Training to Local Workers. The Training consists of Basic computer skills development and Leadership development.

 The target set by the shareholders was the empowerment of black  personnel.  Stads would supply all technical support and training and then empower selected personnel to become directors and shareholders in the company. Or Start their own Company  enabling the company to be self-supportive and produce the necessary turnover to be self-sufficient.



Bank:                           ABSA
Branch:                       Pretoria north
Account Name:           Stads
Account Number:       On request
Account Opened:        2002


On request:


We thank you for taking the time to allow us to introduce our company and we herewith request that you include us on your tender list for all computer equipment, software, consumables training and personnel development.  We look forward to being able to do beneficial business together.

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